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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Top Reasons Why You Must Support A Charity

According to a study, there about $298 billion that gets donated to a charity. The average amount that a household has donated is 5% of the money they are making. If you are not part of the giving community, it’s time you started to do so. http://dial2donate.org/ brings you some of the top reasons why you should consider supporting a charity.

It Makes You Feel Rich Well, you might ask me how giving makes a person feel rich. The magic is that it does. Even if you do not have lots of money, sharing what you have with others makes you feel so good. An analysis has indicated that people who do not have lots of money contribute more towards charitable causes than people who are rich. It need not necessarily be money always. You could donate your old used clothes, buying utilities for kids in foster care or volunteering for a cause is all considered as giving and it does make you feel happier.

Your Small Donation Can Go A Long Way Donating time or money is not a great deal if you do it alone. If you join together with others, it becomes huge and makes a greater impact. You can choose your family and friends to join hands with you and support a cause. Most of the websites also have videos that depict why that particular cause is being supported. By showing them to your kids or family, you can get them involved in supporting the cause. Smaller donations, when combined from many people, can turn out to be huge.

Support A Cause Before even beginning to gather your friends and family, you have to choose which cause you are interested in supporting. There are many foundations that collect money for various reasons such as supporting kids’ education, helping with medical facilities for those in need, donating money towards research about finding new drugs etc. You need to be sure about which one appeals to you the most and send in your money there.

Feeling Great Whenever you donate towards charitable causes, you feel great that you are making a difference in someone’s life. You could also do this yourself without being a part of any organization. Simple acts such as supporting relief work in disaster-struck areas, providing food to those in need or even giving off your old clothes can be a good place to start. You can also look up for local charities that are looking for people and volunteer there. It certainly makes you appreciate all that you have in life even it is nothing great. Involving kids will make them realize how fortunate they are to have all their needs met.

Tax Benefit The money you donate towards charity can be deducted from your tax returns. This should not be an objective for donating money. However, this is certainly a benefit you get for being generous. If you can save all the receipts you receive when you make a donation, you could use them for getting your tax forms filled up when required.

If have not been supporting any charities, this is the right time do so. It is never too late to start and remember you are setting a great example to your kids and everyone around you.