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All About Robotic Pool Cleaners

robotic pool cleaner

Cleaning a pool is a tedious job that is time consuming as well. Many pool owners balk at having to clean their pools regularly to make sure that it stays pristine clean always. Some pool owners also resort to outside help like professional cleaning services to make sure that their pool remains sparkling clean. An Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaner can help get the job done in half the time and cost even less in the long run. The Full List Here of all the features by the latest robotic pool cleaner will be useful if you are considering investing in one of these useful devices in the near future.

A swimming pool tends to get dirty quite often with the debris that keeps collecting on the surface of the pool if not cleaned regularly. Cleaning swimming pools was a huge problem as it involved a large volume of water. The process of scrubbing the walls and the floor of the swimming pool without dirtying the water at the same time seems like an impossible job. Traditionally, swimming pools were kept clean by using a pump and filter system. In this method, the water is continuously circulated through the system; thereby the dirt gets filtered and clean water is returned to the pool. However, a major disadvantage of using this system was the massive utility bills. Since the system runs on electricity, it required a lot of power to keep the pool sparkling clean.

As time went by, scientists understood the requirement for a cleaner that would scrub the walls and the floor of the pool without dirtying the water at the same time. Many models were developed, which would clean the water while remaining in the water, without any extra effort on the part of the pool owner. Although the earlier versions of the automatic pool cleaner involved being attached to a pump and filter system which ran on electricity. However, as time went by, robotic pool cleaners with rechargeable power units were developed.

The modern robotic pool cleaner seen in the market today sucks in the water from the pool, filters it and releases clean water back into the pool. This way it circulates the water and attains superior cleanliness compared to the traditional pump and filter system. Along with these features, the robotic pool cleaner also cleans the walls and the floor of the swimming pool keeping it clean and hygienic and preventing any bacteria growth as well.

The earlier versions of the robotic pool cleaner followed a random manner of traversing the floor of the pool during the cleaning session. However, the latest models traverse walls and the floor while collecting dirt and keeping the pool clean as well. The device comes with a collection bag which collects all the dirt that is sucked out during the cleaning process. You will need to clean it out after every cleaning session o make sure that the pool is not polluted with extra dirt during the next cleaning session. At the end of the day, the robotic pool cleaner does a great job in making the life of a pool owner much easier.

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