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What Type Of String Trimmer To Buy For Your Lawn

There is no doubt that herbs, vegetable and fruits have many health and mental benefits. So why not take advantage of these organic supplements when they are so easy to grow right at home. A simple search on www.weedeaterscentral.com/ will give a list of string trimmers need to clear away a section of the lawn to plant the herbs and exploring www.organicfacts.net will yield a list of things that can be planted at home. The only question that remains is deciding which trimmer to use that actually maintains the lawn. This article will act as a guide to choosing a string trimmer for your need and the pros of buying an electric string trimmer.

The first thing to understand, when thinking of buying a string trimmer, is the amount of power that will be needed to maintain the lawn. If the yard is of small size like up to 1 acre a light trimmer will do wonders. A small string trimmer can mow grass and remove weeds easily. But, if the garden is bigger than an acre and up to two acres a light-duty trimmer will not be efficient enough. For such cases, a medium level string trimmer will work best. These trimmers are powerful enough to work on thick grass and weeds and last longer than light weight ones. For landscapes that have very tough grass or long weeds, a powerful engine trimmer is needed. A heavy duty string mower can work on large areas, and a professional trimmer can even work on bushes. So the aim is to buy a trimmer that works on the size of your garden.

For amateurs who have never used a mower or a trimmer before it is recommended to use an electric string trimmer because they are easier to use. They have a simple start and stop system as compared to a gas model. They are environmentally friendly and cause less noise pollution because they are quieter. With electric trimmer you get two options a cordless model and corded one. A cordless string trimmer is one that works on batteries. The advantage here is that there is no hindrance to movement. One can take the string trimmer to any place and move it as needed.

The drawback here is that the batteries need to be charged which can take up time ranging from three hours to half an hour. Another limitation with cordless string trimmers is the power they supply is restricted to the power of the batteries which is rarely much. This can be overcome using Lithium-ion batteries that last longer and give a power of up to 80 volts that can be used for more heavy weeding and cutting.

An electric string trimmer with a cord is advantageous because they need not be charged which means they give a constant supply of power. They are lighter in weight because there is no battery attached to them. The major issue with these electric trimmers is the cumbersome cord that is attached. It can severely limit the reach to the trimmer. This can be solved by using extension cords.